31 Jan

Azhwars are those who have shown the path of reaching god to every Jeevathma with the help of the paasurams sung by them in praise of the Supreme.

There are 10 alwars namely

Poigai Alwar, Boothatazhwar, Peyazhwar, Thirumazhisai Azhwar, Namazhwar, Periazhwar, Thiruppanazhwar, kulasekara Azhwar, ThondaradipodiAzhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar. These ten aazhwars taught us the bagavath bakthi through their paasurams.

Another two aazhwaars who showed baagavatha bakthi are Sri Madhurakavigal and Sri Aandaal.

They have sung 4000 paasurams, praising the supreme. It is called as Nalayira Divya Prabhandam.

Details are given below:

Poigaiazhwar – Mudhal Thiruanthaathi.
Boothathazhwar – Irandam Thiruanthathi.
Peyazhwar – Moondraam Thiruanthaathi.
Thirumazhisaiazhwar – Naanmugan Thiruanthaathi.
Namazhwar – Thiruvirutham, thiruvaasiriyam, Thiruvaaimozhi and periya thiruanthaathi.
Periazhwar – Periyazhwar Thirumozhi.
hiruppaanazhwar – Amalanaathipiran.
Kulasekaraazhwar – Perumal Thirumozhi.
Thondaradipodiazhwar – Thirumaalai and Thirupalliezuchi.
Thirumangaiazhwar – Periya Thirumozhi, thiruvezhukkootrirukai, Siriya thirumadal, periya thirumadal, thirukkurunthaandagam and Thirunedunthaandagam.
Madhurakavigal – Kanninunsiruththaambu.
Andal – Thiruppaavai and Naachiyaar Thirumozhi.

Poigai Azhwar – He expressed Para Bhakthi in his paasurams.

Boothathazhwar – He expressed Para Gnanam in his paasurams.

Peyazhwar – He expressed Parama Bhakthi in his paasurams.

Thirumazhisaiazhwar – He expressed the parathvam in his
paasurams. It means who is the supreme, what are his qualities etc.

Namazhwar – Namazhwar converted the entire Sanskrit Vedas in to four Tamil prabhandams. That’s why he is called as Vedam Tamil seitha Maaran sadagopan.

Madhurakavigal – He expressed the Acharya Bhakthi in his paasurams.

Periazhwar – He enjoyed Krishna Avatar in his paasurams from the childhood of the Lord Krishna.

Andal – She showed the way to reach God, i.e. how to pray him, when to pray him, who is the reality, she attained him by the way she said. This Andal’s Thiruppaavai must be chanted by every Sri Vaishnavan everyday without fail.

Thiruppanazhwar – He enjoyed the beauty of Lord Sri Rang Nathan and added that he would never like to see anything after seeing the beauty of the Lord.

Kulasekaraazhwar – He enjoyed the Rama avatar as well.

Thondaradipodiazhwar – His paasurams will show the devotion, a baagavathan should have.

Thirumangaiazhwar – Sri Thirumangai aazhwaar did
Mangalaasaasanam to 86 divyadesams. His paasurams are dedicated to archaavathaara emberumaans.


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